Find new opportunities

Find and research new projects faster than ever before.


Find development opportunities

The right data for your due diligence in one place

Research the owner and obtain contact information

Understand the local markets and their development

Get updated about new transactions

Find development opportunities and vacant land

Find development opportunities, determine the potential and contact the owners. Filter all Denmark’s properties.


You want to be ahead of the competition but use the same old methods as your competition: brokers, network and old IT systems.


Resights “Discover” module enables you to filter all Denmark’s properties in seconds. Set your criteria and get a list of properties relevant to you.


You have to find all relevant information about a property but information is dispersed making it costly and time-consuming to get an overview.


Resights “Research” module gives access to all information about a property so you have the necessary information in front of you in seconds.

The right data for your due diligence

Resights “Research” module gives you access to all relevant property data in one place. You no longer have to wait for local partners of spend hours finding the information you need.

Understand the owner and make contact

Get a complete overview of who the owner is, what they own, who they know and make negotiations directly with the owner.


You need to find ownership information to understand who you will be negotiating with but it is time-consuming to find the information you need.


Resights gives you contact information on property owners, an overview of professional relations and financials so you know who you are dealing with.


It is hard to understand the development of different cities and sub-markets and a lot of data is not specific to the areas of my interest.


Resights “Analyse” module helps you understand the development of local markets.

Understand the market development

Understand the area around the properties you are looking at. Get an overview of the demographic development, pricing, competition, income level and much more.

Analyser. Indsigt i udvikling og tendenser

Get updated about new transactions

Stay up to date about major transactions.



It is important for me to stay up to date but it is impossible to keep track of local market transactions.


Resights gives you an overview of new transactions in the market. Set up your criteria and receive updates about transactions of your interest.

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