About Resights

We aggregate, structure and visualise real estate data into one platform such that you can find the information you need and make informed decisions.

At Resights, we strive to enable our clients to make data-driven decisions, save time and find growth opportunities.


Mikkel Duif


Mikkel is a big data nerd and responsible for the continuous development of the Resights platform. Mikkel is always ready to answer technical and data-related questions.

Lars Horsbøl

Lars Horsbøl


Lars acts as Resights captain while hosting Denmark’s largest real estate podcast. Lars’ most important job is to understand our customers needs and make sure that we develop solutions to these needs.


Kasper Kragelund

Kasper is commercial real estate investor and a serial entrepreneur with a handful of exits from both Europe and Asia.

Michael Mortensen

Michael is Denmark’s leading real estate developer and the founder of Huscompagniet, Hybel and CASA.

Jakob Brøgger-Mikkelsen

Jakob is co-founder and CEO of Reflectly with millions of downloads across the globe.



Head of HR


Account Manager


Lead Developer

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